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Equsani EFA-X Fit

Equsani EFA-X Fit


EFA-X™ is a very unique, easily digestible, vegetable based fatty acid feed concentrate for horses.

The EFA-X™ proprietary process enables today’s sport and leisure horse to get the crucial essential fatty acids they need to perform to their fullest and live a healthy life.

The EFA-X™ self-emulsification in the Stomach and small intestine, ensure a quick Cross-Membrane process into the blood stream for an effortless utilization and readily bio-available fatty acids.

EFA-X™ offers exceptionally high nutritional value, even for the most sensitive horse. Over twice the instant available Mcal than the best weight building and performance enhancing products.

EFA-X™ contains no genetically modified raw materials, no chemical-based compounds, no artificial additives and there is no presence of any known allergens.

EFA-X™ does not conflict with any current FEI or USEF regulations.

Horses rely on a constant amount of bile (They have no gall bladder) and a slow moving digestive system to utilize the important fatty acids. This often creates a problem due to the way horses are exercised and fed today and can result in:
1. Stress on digestive system (Ulcers)
2. Problem keeping weight and a healthy coat.
3. Muscle Fatigue from extended exercise (Which can indirectly result in injuries).
4. Limited production of ligament fluids and other important functions.
5. Mental stress.
Equsani EFA-X can be the answer to these problems.