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Uptite Poultice

Uptite Poultice


The Uptite® is an effective 24-HOUR Poultice made with pure spring water and may be used up until race day or longer as needed. It is the only preparation on the market that can be also used as a natural antiseptic or a healing aid. The Uptite® Poultice is a definite help in keeping animals sound, speeding their recovery from cuts and preventing infection. Use Uptite® Poultice as a General Poultice on legs,or tendons, curbs, quarter cracks, suspensories as an excellent tightener, to help keep the animal sound; use on feet as an aid maintaining moisture in the frog and hoofwall. In all cases, the Uptite® Poultice is applied in a more sparingly manner than a conventional poultice which means it goes much farther, and is easily removed with water.