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Tracktorque ( Local delivery only)

Tracktorque ( Local delivery only)


HYGAIN TRACKTORQUE is a high energy micronized sweet feed formulated to provide a nutritionally balanced diet for performance horses in full training and competition.

Complete Micronized sweet feed for improved digestion.

Natural Vitamin E for antioxidant, circulatory and cardiovascular functions.

Bio-available Selenium to assist your horse's muscle metabolism.

Probiotics aids in fiber, phosphorus and calcium digestion. Yeast strains to support a healthy gut and immune system.

Amino Acids, the building blocks of protein for muscle development and to maximize growth.

Bio-Available Chromium assists in lowering lactic acid levels.

Pure Rice Bran Oil to maximize absorption and feed efficiency for muscle building.


 Delivery only 20 miles radius

Send an email to krmequine@gmail.com