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Showtorque (Local Delivery only)

Showtorque (Local Delivery only)


Hygain Showtorque is not only a low dose, high fat, cereal grain free feed, that promotes lean muscle mass development, no, on top of all that it also enhances hoof growth and coat shine.

Topline building at its best, HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE provides sensible energy through slow release sources combined with essential amino acids and bio-available antioxidants for muscle tissue repair and to help manage the stresses of training and competition.

  • Formula safe for horses prone to grain intolerance and/or behavioral problems.
  • 10mg/kg Biotin for rapid hoof development.
  • HYGAIN RBO (rice bran oil), high fat cool conditioning.
  • Natural Vitamin E for antioxidant, circulatory and cardiovascular functions.
  • Prebiotics to support a healthy gut and for immune function.
  • Vitamin B1 aids in energy utilization.
  • Pure Rice Bran Oil to maximize absorption and feed efficiency for muscle building.

Delivery only 20 miles radius

Send an email to krmequine@gmail.comĀ