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Quickbayt Fly Bait 40lb

Quickbayt Fly Bait 40lb


QuickBayt Fly Baitis specially formulated to quickly and effectively control files around the outside of commercial facilities, dairies, horse stables, production facilities. QuickBayt Fly Bait may also be mixed with water and used to paint on to surfaces where flies rest. Effective against flies resistant to organophosphates and carbamates. Contains .5% Imidacloprid. Tests have shown Imidicloprid kills many times more flies than standard fly baits, plus works in less than sixty seconds and lasts up to four weeks. Do not place in areas accessible to animals or children. 40 lb. bucket.
For control of nuisance flies in and around livestock areas. Contains a specially formulated mixture of two fly attractants and sugar for fast acting control…can be used as a standard scatter bait to control flies - See more at: http://www.pet-dog-cat-supply-store.com/shop/index.php?page=shop-flypage-34522&gclid=CNbDvZOck7oCFSiCQgodNyUAZQ#sthash.plxo1CQe.dpuf