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ProtEQtor Immune & Allergy

ProtEQtor Immune & Allergy


Immune Support
The natural immune boost your horse needs.
  • Introduces passive antibodies that support your horse’s natural immune response
  • May help stimulate natural killer “NK” cells that supports your horse’s systemic immune response
  • Helps maintain a natural, healthy respiratory immune response
Allergy Support
Moderate seasonal allergy symptoms when medications are not permitted.

  • Ingredients may help to moderate an overative immune system in response to seasonal allergies
  • Safe for use when allergy medications are prohibited during competition

ProtEQtor is ideal to begin 3 days before your horse travels or comes in contact with new horses. Use ProtEQtor in any environment where potential exposure to disease is likely. It also offers an option for the management of regular seasonal allergies. Available in powder or easy-to-administer oral syringe for picky eaters.