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Perfect Products Vetablock

Perfect Products Vetablock


VetaBlok Paste from Custom Veterinary Specialties provides quick-acting soreness relief for your hard-working show horse. Multi-day competitions can be strenuous on your horse's body. VetaBlok works to help reduce pain and soreness without using prohibited substances, making it a safe choice during competition.


  • Helps alleviate soreness from strenuous activity
  • Perfect for competition horses at multi-day shows
  • Contains no prohibited substances
  • Syringe makes administration easy

Administer orally on the back of the horse’s tongue. For the first loading dose, administer 1 60cc syringe at least 12 hours before competing, and 1 60cc tube at least 4 hours before competing. For every administration after this, give 1 60cc tube every 12-24 hours during the competition or other event where support is needed. Results build up over time with daily use.