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Perfect Products TRF

Perfect Products TRF


+TRF Tendon Repair Formula™ is vet recommended for horses recovering from tendon and ligament injuries, and for the prevention of injury recurrence. TRF is beneficial for horses in all stages of soft tissue injury and recovery.

  • Rehabilitation: Mediating the horse’s natural repair process during rehabilitation.
  • Maintenance: Supporting the management of horses with recurring chronic injuries while in work.
  • Prevention: Supporting the natural ongoing soft tissue repair process for sound horses in rigorous work.
  • Contains no prohibited substances


Targeted Support: Administer 4cc per 250 lbs. Feed AM and PM or as directed by your veterinarian. (For a 1000 lb horse, 1 feeding = 16cc.) Feed until horse returns to normal work. Reduce to maintenance level for continued support.


Maintenance Level: Administer 4cc per 250 lbs. Feed 1 to 2 times per day depending upon level of work and condition. Feed AM or PM with morning and/or evening feed. (For a 1000 lb horse, 1 feeding = 16cc.) Continue administration for maintenance.


Why +TRF™ Is Essential For Soft Tissue Management


The long-held theory that soft tissue injuries in performance horses result from “one bad step” has been proven to be a misconception. Every day your equine athlete’s tendons and ligaments experience micro-injuries at the cellular level, which can accumulate until they eventually result in full-blown injury.


+TRF™ is the first product to combat this micro-damage resulting from daily work, and can help repair damage both before an injury occurs and during injury recovery.