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Magic cushion Xtreme

Magic cushion Xtreme


Absorbine Hooflex Magic Cushion Xtreme Hoof Packing is designed to provide quick, soothing relief to your horse's overheated and overworked hooves. It is a veterinarian formulated paste that works like magic on equine's tired and sore feet and delivers long-lasting relief and comfort. It contains a higher concentration of Turpentine and Iodine compared to the regular strength formula for a stronger as faster relief of performance horses. It is very effective in calming soreness and inflammation throughout the frog and sole, as well as relieve symptoms connected with hoof concussion and trauma. It starts working to decrease hoof heat within an hour or up to 24 hours after application. It does not include prohibited substances by USEF or FEI, and it is one of the most trusted and recommended product by farriers.