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Ice Horse Cooling Machine powered by Zamar

Ice Horse Cooling Machine powered by Zamar


The Gold Standard in Equine Therapy that Vets are Buzzing About! In Stock Now!

Zamar Therapy is a simple non-invasive therapeutic method offering Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy, plus compression using the same machine. No ice is required. Each body part is precisely treated using form fitting wraps/boots.

Treatments are programmed for the precise temperature and duration required and will then deliver the Cryotherapy and Thermotherapy to the horse whilst providing a massaging effect for added therapeutic benefit.

The ZAMAR device has been tested and used by vet clinics with top-level experience, which work in direct contact with the national and international competitive environment.

Zamar units are being used all over the world for the treatment of injuries sustained by sport horses and can be found in some of the largest professional yards.


The results are highly satisfactory for immediate therapeutic response, simplicity of use and versatility of the unit. Countless pathological conditions due to trauma or extreme work of the muscular-skeletal apparatus can be found in every sport. The ZAMAR device has been tested in many ways and at significant times in all riding sports. The IceHorse cooling machine was designed from scratch to meet the needs of Equine Veterinarians, and trainers alike.

  • A New level of Effectiveness
  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible
  • It's FEI Safe-It Locks at 32°F
  • Veterinarian Approved

Zamar Pricing

Introductory Special - Machine, Hoses, Pair Full Leg Wraps, and 2 Hock Wraps $9999.99