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Grand Calm 5IB

Grand Calm 5IB


Grand Meadows™ Grand Calm (5 lb) is a palatable pellet formulated to help minimize stress and support performance in anxious, inattentive horses. A casual trail ride, exercise, training or competition should be fun for you and your horse. A hard to handle, spooky, stressed horse will quickly ruin your enjoyment and affect the outcome of your ride. Grand Calm is a unique calming supplement that is free of drugs and herbs. It contains four different sources of magnesium that provide maximum bioavailability, which broadens magnesium's soothing effects. It also includes the amino acid Theanine, which is documented as an aid to relaxation. Grand Calm is intended to help control nervousness in horses that are tense, spooky and inattentive. Each 1 ounce serving contains over 6000 mg of magnesium, 1000 mg of Theanine, 500 mg Thiamine. X