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Farriers Formula 44lb

Farriers Formula 44lb


Farrier's Formula® by Life Data Labs was developed to provide the nutrients needed to enable horses to build strong structural and connective tissue proteins (tendon, ligaments, bones, joints). Farrier's Formula® provides the nutrient support that horses need to build strong connective tissue proteins. The hoof is connective tissue that depends on its many crosslinks for strength and resiliency. Methionine, proline, glycine and glutamine are some of the major building blocks of healthy connective tissue, or collagen. Copper and vitamin C are also necessary, serving as catalysts in the formation of strong and healthy horn. Healthy hooves require zinc for the prevention of defective keratin, the tough material found in the outer layers of hoof and skin. If keratin is not properly formed, the hoof will be soft and brittle. All these nutrients should be supplied via diet or supplementation for healthy hooves. Top dress or mix 1 scoop (6 oz) with regular feed. Amount is based on a 1,000 lb horse and should be adjusted based on weight and age of the horse.

The 44 lb size provides up to a 120 day supply for one horse.