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Clipper, AGC Super 2-speed

Clipper, AGC Super 2-speed


Strokes per minute: 3,400/4,400

This AGC Clipper features detachable blades, a powerful rotary motor and a new contoured design. Runs cooler than units with fans and air vents, which can be clogged with hair, and are not needed. Locking switch button prevents unit from accidentally shutting off. The design provides improved durability, resists harsh chemicals and is break-resistant. Removable drive-cap for easy cleaning. Locking blade hinge keeps blade secure. Maintenance free - no oiling or greasing of internal parts is needed. Sealed motor for a cool, quiet, long life. 120V, 60 Hz, AC/DC. 14 ft cord.

Comes with T84 blade.

Compatible with OsterĀ® A5 blades.

The normal speed is equal to the high speed on the AGC Standard 2-speed, the high speed is 25% higher.


  • AGC Super 2-speed Clipper
  • T84 blade
  • 4 oz oil
  • Blade drive
  • Blade chart