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Cavalor PodoSens

Cavalor PodoSens


Cavalor PodoSens is a therapeutic oil for horses with sensitive hooves. It contains a blend of essential oils that provide quick relief while also providing support for optimum hoof growth, elasticity, and overall health. It is great for use on sensitive or problem hooves, as it provides both immediate and lasting relief. Applied to the sole and coronet band, PodoSens improves the elasticity of the hoof wall. This allows for proper growth of the hoof, which in turn reduces sensitivity and stimulates blood flow.

  • Therapeutic oil that contains essential oils
  • Great for sensitive or problem hooves
  • Provides immediate relief and reduced sensitivity over time
  • Stimulates proper growth and blood flow
  • Applied only to the sole and/or corenet band

Apply twice daily to the coronet and/or the sole of the hoof. Repeat until symptoms have disappeared.

Contains a high concentration of essential oils including clove, birch, lavender, and eucalyptus