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Biozide Gel

Biozide Gel


Size: 20 ounces

About Biozide Gel:

  • Non-Staining 
  • Non-Irritating 
  • Simple to Use 
  • Easy to Clean Up 
  • Guaranteed Results 
  • Special Gel Formula 
  • Lets Wound Breathe
  • Iodine Based Product 
  • (contains 1% Available Iodine) 
  • Promotes Faster Healing 
  • Will Not Melt or Run Off 
  • Anti-Fungal & Anti-Bacterial 
  • High Level of Efficacy 
  • Is Usable with or without Bandage


Great For:

Wounds • Incisions • Rain Rot • Lacerations • Foot Infections
Barbed Wire Cuts • Topical Infections • Rope Burns Abrasions Surgical Sites

Excellent Wound Care:

With your wound dressing needs in mind, Biozide ® Gel was developed using a high tech process to ensure that the product would result in the proper consistency, handling properties, and efficacy. We are dedicated to excellence through providing you with outstanding customer service, proven results, quick turnarounds, low competitive prices, and your 100% satisfaction.