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Balanced ( local Delivery only)

Balanced ( local Delivery only)


Hygain® Balanced® is a pelleted all-round, low dose balancer feed concentrate that provides high levels of Vitamin E and Selenium for cell health, Biotin for hoof and coat health, Chelated Minerals, quality protein and essential amino acids for muscle development.

BALANCED is extremely versatile in its use and is ideal for good doers, horse’s on a pasture only diet, horse’s receiving a home mixed diet which requires balanced vitamin and mineral levels or to top up premixed feeds when they aren’t fed at the required levels.

BALANCED does not only have an amazing nutrient profile and is ideal for a wide range of horses, it is also economical in its use. You generally get 40 feeds out of one bag, based on a 1100 lb. horse in maintenance at 1 lb. per day, which is definitely a case of a little goes a long way.


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